The federal government and state legislature have established various fees for services provided by ORS.

Payment Processing Fees

The state has set a payment processing fee of 6% of each payment applied to an ORS case, not to exceed $12.00 per month.

The fee is not charged if the person who applied to open a case with ORS is receiving Cash Assistance or Medicaid. 

The fee is not charged on any federal tax intercept payment or for support payments assigned to the state.

Annual Collection Processing Fee

The federal government requires ORS to charge $35.00 each federal fiscal year once at least $550.00 has been collected on the case. (The federal fiscal year starts on October 1 and ends on September 30.)

This fee does not apply if the custodial parent or guardian has ever received Cash Assistance.

Payment Convenience Fees

Certain payment methods charge a fee to use the third-party payment processing service. Visit In-Person Child Support Payments and Online Payments for more information.

Federal Intercept Fees

This federal fee of up to $25.00 is charged when a federal payment is intercepted to pay support.

This fee is paid by the person who originally applied to open the ORS case. 

The fee is not charged if the applicant for the ORS case is receiving Cash Assistance or Medicaid.

State Tax Intercept Fees

ORS does not charge a fee for intercepting state tax refunds. 

However, State Finance charges noncustodial parent a fee of $15.00 each time a state tax refund is intercepted. This fee is withheld by State Finance before the payment is forwarded to ORS.

Interjurisdictional Case Fees

If a case is referred to another state or country for collection or enforcement action, the other state may charge fees in addition to those charged by ORS.

These additional fees may be passed on to the person who originally applied for the ORS case.

Other Fees

Occasionally there are other fees associated with an ORS case. 

For example, while ORS generally pays for genetic testing, sometimes the testing costs are charged to the person who asked for the test.

Your caseworker will notify you of any such fees prior to completing the service.