Employer Services

Employers help ORS gather income information, collect child support, and provide medical coverage for children. ORS appreciates all employer efforts for children and families. 

This page describes some of the services currently provided for and by employers. In the future we expect that technology will make it even easier for employers to interact with ORS. Check this page to for updates

Income-Withholding Orders

Federal law requires employers to honor income-withholding orders from ORS. 

The law also forbids employers from discriminating in any way against a job applicant or employee because of an income-withholding order. 

Income withholding is the default method in all child support cases. It does not reflect poorly on your employee. It makes it easier for your employees to support their children. 

For help with an income-withholding order we sent you, contact us at 801-536-8500 and select the “Professional Services” option.

Electronic Income-Withholding Orders

Electronic Income-Withholding Orders (e-IWOs) are a federal service that allow you to receive and acknowledge income withholding electronically. The service is free and works for businesses of any size.

The e-IWO process reduces the amount of paperwork you receive. It lets you easily report upcoming lump sum payouts and employee terminations. 

This service does not include an electronic payment option.

Learn more about program and how to sign up.

How Employers Can Send Payments to ORS

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

ORS accepts child support payments by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) though the ACH network. 

EFT will reduce your postage costs and paperwork. Many employers also find this approach easier to handle when working remotely. 

Learn more about sending payments electronically.

Payments by Check

ORS can also accept child support payments by paper check. Each check must include the individual parent’s name and case number. 

Mail checks to:

Office of Recovery Services

PO Box 45011

Salt Lake City, UT 84145-0011

Medical Support

ORS also sends employers National Medical Support Notices for medical support. 

Acting on these notices helps guarantee that children have medical insurance.

Contact us if you receive a medical support notice that does not include enough information to enroll the employee and their child or children on an available insurance plan. 

For these questions or any others about medical support, call us at 801-536-8500 and select the “Professional Services” option.

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