Apply for Child Support

You can apply for child support:

For most people, the online application will be easier.

In both cases, you will also need to submit copies of documents along with the application.

Online Application for Child Support

We start processing the online application as soon as you submit it.

The first step in our process is sending you an application number. 

Write the application number on the copies of documents you will be sending in.

You can also use the application number to track the progress of your application. Contact us to learn, for example, when we received your application and whether it was completed correctly.

Paper Application for Child Support

The application is also available as a paper form.  

You can print the paper application from this website or you can contact our office to have an application mailed to you.  

Be sure to read the instructions on the cover page.

Once you complete the application, mail it to us along with copies of any required documents.

How Many Applications Do I Need to Complete?

Whether your application is done on paper or online, you will need to complete a separate application for each family group. 

We define a family group as a pairing of parents and children. For example:

  • If you have 1 child, complete 1 application
  • If you have 2 children, both with the same father or mother, complete 1 application
  • If you have 2 children, each with a different father or mother, complete 2 applications

Relatives or legal guardians should follow the same approach.

Call us with any questions about how many applications you should submit.

Copies of Documents to Include with Your Application

Once you have completed the application, send us copies of these documents:

  • Each child’s birth certificate, if the child was not born in Utah. (If your child was born in Utah, we can get copies on our own)
  • Any documents that establish paternity for the child on the case. (If you established paternity using the Utah Voluntary Declaration of Paternity, we can get copies on our own)
  • An existing child support order or orders, if you already have one. Include copies of any changes as well
  • A divorce decree, if you were married
  • A death certificate or obituary if either parent is dead

Do not send us original documents.