Child Support Public Policy (Table of Contents)

Table of Contents for Office of Recovery Services/Child Support Services, Volume 2, Public Online Policy Manual

General Program Administration

  • CS 002P Reporting Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect
  • CS 004PCommunication with Customers
  • CS 005PPublic Assistance Fraud
  • CS 008PProtocol for Working with the Attorney General’s Office (AGO)

Records Access and Management

  • CS 021PGovernment Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA)
  • CS 022PDisclosure of Private Address Information
  • CS 026PRestricted Information
  • CS 032PAvailability of Case Information for Hearings
  • CS 034PDisclosure of Wage Information
  • CS 035PDisclosure of Information - Outgoing Intergovernmental Referrals
  • CS 040PSummons, Subpoenas or Orders Served upon the Office of Recovery Services

Case Management

  • CS 056PCase Assignment and Case Transfer
  • CS 057PSpousal Support (Alimony)
  • CS 059PApplicant/Recipient Cooperation – General Information, Forms, Specified
  • CS 059P-1IV-A Applicant/Recipient Cooperation Requirements and Department of
    Workforce Services (DWS) Non-Participation Assessment
  • CS 059P-2Applicant/Recipient IV-A Administrative Review,Adjudicative Proceeding
  • CS 059P-3Non-IV-A Medicaid-only Applicant/Recipient Cooperation Requirements
  • CS 059P-4Non-IV-A Applicant Cooperation Requirements
  • CS 061PCase Closure Overview
  • CS 062PSuspending Cases
  • CS 064PRetained Support Debt, Obligations and Case Closure
  • CS 065PChild Care Collection Services, Non-IV-A Cases
  • CS 067PTermination of Parental Rights and Adoption
  • CS 068PContinuing Services
  • CS 069PRetained Support Sanctions
  • CS 070PPrivate Agents in Non-IV-A Cases/Protocol for Dealing with Private
  • CS 071PCredit Bureau Access
  • CS 072PIn-Kind Support and Proof of Direct Payments
  • CS 074PFederal and State Case Registry
  • CS 074P-1Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs)
  • CS 075PSafeguarding Case Information
  • CS 076PRelease of Case Information Based on Parent-time Order
  • CS 077PRequests to Forward Letters/Packages to Case Participants
  • CS 078PSafe at Home Program
  • CS 085PInterest
  • CS 089PDe Novo Review

Administrative Review and Request for Agency Action (RAA)

  • CS 090PRequest for Agency Action (RAA) Overview

Case Initiation

  • CS 100P-1Applications/Referrals Overview
  • CS 101POpening a Child Support Services (CSS) Case
  • CS 103POpening a New Children in Care (CIC) Case
  • CS 104POpening a Support Follows the Child Case
  • CS 104P-1Opening a IV-A Support Follows the Child Case
  • CS 104P-2Opening a Non-IV-A Support Follows the Child Case
  • CS 104P-3Support Follows the Child Contesting Options
  • CS 105PReinstating Closed Cases
  • CS 120PChild Support Services/Children in Care (CSS/CIC) Case Coordination,
  • CS 125PChild Support Services/Children in Care (CSS/CIC) Intergovernmental Cases


  • CS 140PLocating a Noncustodial Parent
  • CS 143PUse of Subpoena Duces Tecum
  • CS 144PState Parent Locate Services (SPLS)
  • CS 145PFederal Parent Locator Services (FPLS)
  • CS 146PFederal Parent Locator Services (FPLS) Locate Only Services
  • CS 147PLocate Only: Parental Kidnapping, Child Custody or Visitation
    (Parent-time) Determination
  • CS 148PNew Hire Reporting

Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA)

  • CS 150PGeneral Information and Definitions
  • CS 151PORS Duties and Federal Timeframes
  • CS 152PNondisclosure Order
  • CS 153POrder and Paternity Establishment
  • CS 154PDetermination of Controlling Order (DCO) Overview
  • CS 154P-1Determination of the Controlling Order (DCO) –Initial Review
  • CS 154P-2Determination of the Controlling Order (DCO)Procedures – Utah Conducts
  • CS 154P-3Determination of the Controlling Order (DCO)Procedures – Another State
    Conducts the DCO - Utah Responds to Notice of Preliminary Determination
  • CS 154P-5Determination of the Controlling Order (DCO)Procedures – Reconciliation
    of Arrears (ROA)
  • CS 155PChoice of Law
  • CS 156PDirect Income Withholding
  • CS 156P-2Direct Income Withholding, Employer Responsibilities
  • CS 156P-3Direct Income Withholding, NCP Contests
  • CS 157PEnforcement - Registration of a Support Order
  • CS 157P-1Enforcement - International Cases
  • CS 158PContinuing, Exclusive Jurisdiction
  • CS 159PReview and Adjustment
  • CS 159P-1Intergovernmental Review and Adjustment –Modification-Only Request
  • CS 160PRules of Evidence
  • CS 161PCommunication between Tribunals and Assistance withDiscovery


  • CS 191PNational Intergovernmental Case Reconciliation (ICR)
  • CS 200PFull Faith and Credit for Support Orders

Incoming Intergovernmental

  • CS 201PCentral Registry Responsibilities
  • CS 202PCase Processing Procedures
  • CS 203PNon-IV-A Incoming Intergovernmental

Native American Cases

Outgoing Intergovernmental Cases

Child Support Enforcement Network (CSENet)

  • CS 230PCSENet Processes - General

International Intergovernmental Cases

  • CS 250PInternational Enforcement Resources
  • CS 251PInternational Case Processing Overview
  • CS 252PInternational Case Processing under Uniform Interstate Family Support Act
    (UIFSA) Article 7 - Overview
  • CS 253PInternational Case Processing – Foreign Reciprocating Countries

Establishment of Paternity

  • CS 300PFederal Regulations and State Laws
  • CS 301PContact with the Mother
  • CS 302PContact with the Alleged Father
  • CS 305PPaternity: Adjudicated, Presumptive and Declarant Fathers
  • CS 306PAlleged Father in Home
  • CS 307PAlleged Father Applicant
  • CS 308PMultiple Consorts
  • CS 309PMother or Alleged Father is an Unemancipated Minor
  • CS 310PMother or Alleged Father is Deceased
  • CS 311PAssisted Reproduction and Gestational Agreements
  • CS 315PVoluntary Declaration of Paternity by Parents
  • CS 319PIssuing Temporary Child Support Orders in Paternity Cases
  • CS 328PIntergovernmental
  • CS 329PPaternity Disestablishment, Overview
  • CS 329P-1Paternity Disestablishment, Rescission of the “Affidavit of Voluntary
    Declaration of Paternity by Parents”
  • CS 329P-2Paternity Disestablishment, Judicial Order Required
  • CS 329P-3Paternity Disestablishment, Amending Administrative Orders Based on
    Genetic Test Results
  • CS 329P-4Paternity Disestablishment, Genetic Testing After the Order

Establish Order

  • CS 350PFederal Regulations and State Laws
  • CS 352PAdministrative Process
  • CS 354PReferral to the Attorney general’s Office (AGO) for Order Establishment
  • CS 355PPrior Order: Establishing/Modifying a New Order
  • CS 356PSpecified Relative Cases: Overview
  • CS 356P-1Specified Relative Cases, Case Initiation
  • CS 356P-2Specified Relative Cases, No existing Order or One-Parent Order,
    Paternity and Order Establishment
  • CS 356P-3Specified Relative Cases, Enforcement Existing Orders and Support Follows
    the Child
  • CS 356P-4Specified Relative Cases, Medical Support
  • CS 356P-5Specified Relative Cases, Review and Adjustment
  • CS 356P-6Specified Relative Cases, Continuing Services
  • CS 357PAdding an Additional Child to an Existing Order
  • CS 370PAdministrative Hearing Request and Preliminary Conference
  • CS 371PCase Preparation for Administrative Hearing
  • CS 372PAdministrative Hearings
  • CS 381PRegistration of Administrative Orders with the State Case Registry
  • CS 382PReconsideration
  • CS 383PSet Aside Default Orders
  • CS 384PAmending Administrative Orders
  • CS 385PAlternative to Setting Aside Administrative Orders
  • CS 387PJudicial Review of Administrative Hearings
  • CS 390PRetained Support Procedures

Child Support Guidelines

Review/Adjustment of a Support Award

  • CS 450PGeneral Information and Federal Timeframes
  • CS 450P-1Initiating a Review and Pre-request Procedures
  • CS 450P-2Procedures for 3-Year Review
  • CS 450P-3Procedures for Less Than 3-Year Review
  • CS 450P-4Procedures to Adjust Judicial Order – Attorney General’s Office (AGO)
  • CS 450P-5Procedures to Adjust a Child Support Services (CSS) Administrative Order
  • CS 450P-6Procedures to Adjust a Children in Care (CIC) Administrative Order
  • CS 450P-7Child Support Awards – Out-of- State-Orders or Out-of-State Parties;
    Specified Relative Cases
  • CS 450P-8Child Support Awards – Downward Modification Results in Overpayment of
    Current Support Due
  • CS 450P-9Procedures for Review and Adjustment – Noncustodial Parent Is
  • CS 451PReview and Adjustment (Modification) of a Support Order to Include
    MEDICAL Support Only

Medical Support

  • CS 480PGeneral Description of IV-D Medical Support Services
  • CS 482PSecuring a Medical Insurance Provision in the Support Order
  • CS 484PGathering and Disseminate Medical Insurance Information
  • CS 490PEnforcement of Medical Insurance
  • CS 492PManual National Medical Support Notice (NMSN) – Procedures
  • CS 493PEmployer/Plan Administrator Responsibility – National Medical Support
    Notice (NMSN)
  • CS 494PContesting a National Medical Support Notice (NMSN)
  • CS 495PCollecting Court Ordered Medical Support
  • CS 496PInsurance from a Military Parent

Payment Processing

  • CS 505PAssignment of Support Rights
  • CS 507PVoluntary Payment – No Support Order
  • CS 512PChild Receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • CS 535PDistribution of Collections
  • CS 537PDistribution of All Payments other than Discounted Settlements and Federal
    Tax Intercept Payments
  • CS 540PDistribution of Discounted Settlements
  • CS 541PDistribution of State Tax Intercept Payments
  • CS 543PDistribution of Federal Tax Intercept Payments
  • CS 555PDistribution Overrides
  • CS 560PBad Checks
  • CS 565PManual Payment Transfers
  • CS 578PCoordination of Overpayment Obligations
  • CS 583PLost/Forged Warrants
  • CS 585PCosts and Fees
  • CS 590PRetained Support
  • CS 600PUnreimbursed Assistance (URA)
  • CS 603P$50.00 Refund to AFDC Household
  • CS 615PNotice of Collections and Payments to IV-D Custodial Parents

State Tax Intercept

Federal Tax Intercept

Payment Methods on Past-Due Support

  • CS 700POverview, Payment Methods
  • CS 700P-1Payment in Full at 100% or Discounted Settlement
  • CS 700P-2Monthly Arrears Payment Options and Procedures
  • CS 700P-3Discharge/Forgiveness of Arrears
  • CS 700P-4Reassessment of Arrears Payment
  • CS 701PPayment Methods, Contesting Payment Schedule
  • CS 702PSpecial Circumstances, Non-custodial Parent Receiving Cash Assistance
  • CS 704PSpecial Circumstances: Prisoners
  • CS 705PSpecial Circumstances: Prisoner Forgiveness Program
  • CS 707PSpecial Circumstances: Individuals Participating in Mental Health or
    Substance Abuse Treatment Programs
  • CS 708PSpecial Circumstances: Uncollectible Arrears Only Cases
  • CS 710PLimitations on Collections of Arrears

Income Withholding

  • CS 720PGeneral Information
  • CS 720P-1Definitions
  • CS 720P-2Forms and Packets
  • CS 720P-3Spousal Support and Medical Support
  • CS 720P-4Employer/Agency Customer Service Unit
  • CS 720P-5Administrative Withholding Error
  • CS 721PImmediate Income Withholding
  • CS 722PDelinquency Based Income Withholding
  • CS 723PGood Cause Finding or Written Agreement
  • CS 730PIncome Withholding and Non-IV-D cases
  • CS 731PNoncustodial Parent Requests Voluntary Withholding
  • CS 732PAutomated Notice to Withhold, General
  • CS 734P-1Notice to Withhold, Workers’ Compensation (WC)
  • CS 734P-2Notice to Withhold, Social Security Benefits
  • CS 734P-3Notice to Withhold, Veteran’s Benefits
  • CS 735PNotice to Withhold, Procedures for Unemployment Compensation
  • CS 742PReview Process
  • CS 745PTermination of Income Withholding
  • CS 746PReinstatement of Income Withholding
  • CS 748PPayer Fails to Withhold or Remit
  • CS 750PAutomatic Payment Withdrawal

Enforcement of Support Obligation

  • CS 800PFederal Regulations
  • CS 801PGeneral Enforcement
  • CS 802PAnnual Notice of Past-due Child Support, General
  • CS 802P-2Annual Notice of Past-due Child Support, Contesting Options and Reviews
  • CS 802P-3Annual Notice of Past-due Child Support: Civil or Criminal Referrals to
    the Attorney General’s Office (AGO); Intergovernmental Cases
  • CS 803PElectronic Reporting of Liens to Court, Definitions,Criteria and General
  • CS 803P-2Electronic Reporting of Liens to Court, Enforcement, Intergovernmental, Satisfaction of Judgment-Lien
  • CS 805PFinancial Institution Data Matching
  • CS 806PNotice of Lien-Levy, Financial Institutions
  • CS 806P-1Notice of Lien-Levy, Financial Institutions - Procedures: Issuing a
  • CS 806P-2Notice of Lien-Levy, Financial Institutions – Procedures: Review and
  • CS 806P-3Notice of Lien-Levy, Financial Institutions – Procedures:
    Intergovernmental Cases
  • CS 807PNotice of Lien-Levy, Other than Financial Institutions
  • CS 808PEnforcement on an Order Issued in Another State
  • CS 809PCredit Bureau Reporting
  • CS 810PEnforcement of a Mediation Agreement
  • CS 812PDuration of Child Support Judgments
  • CS 818PSupport Follows the Child: Post Order, Legal Custody Determined
  • CS 819PSupport Follows the Child: Post Order, Legal Custody Has Not Been
  • CS 827PExecution on Personal Property: General
  • CS 836PSupplemental Proceedings
  • CS 838PCivil Contempt for Non-Payment of Child Support
  • CS 844PCriminal Nonsupport
  • CS 844P-1Criminal Nonsupport: State Prosecution Procedures
  • CS 844P-2Criminal Nonsupport: Phases of Criminal Nonsupport Cases and Procedures
  • CS 844P-3Criminal Nonsupport: Federal Prosecution Procedures
  • CS 845PDriver License Suspension - Overview
  • CS 845P-1Driver License Suspension - Criteria
  • CS 847PDivision of Wildlife Resources (DWR) Restrictions
  • CS 850PPassport Denial/Renewal/Revocation
  • CS 852PChild Receiving Benefits Based on the Noncustodial Parent’s Social
    Security or Veterans Benefits
  • CS 860PPosting Bond or Security
  • CS 870PMedicaid-eligible Non-custodial Parent in Nursing Home
  • CS 880PRetained Support - Enforcing Repayment Agreements


  • CS 890PBankruptcy – Overview, Definitions, Forms, Screen, and Alerts/Events
  • CS 890P-1Bankruptcy – General Information and Voice Case Information System (VCIS) Instructions
  • CS 890P-2Bankruptcy – Pre-Order Procedures
  • CS 890P-3Bankruptcy – Chapter 7 Procedures
  • CS 890P-4Bankruptcy – Chapter 11 Procedures
  • CS 890P-5Bankruptcy – Chapter 13 Procedures
  • CS 890P-6Bankruptcy – Proof of Claim Procedures
  • CS 890P-7Bankruptcy – Attorney General’s Office (AGO) Referrals, Duration of Judgment, and Bankruptcy Completed/Dismissed

Children in Care (CIC) Case Management

Children in Care (CIC) Case Initiation

  • CS 1104PEnforcing an Existing Order on a Children in Care(CIC) Case

Children in Care (CIC) Paternity

  • CS 1305PAdjudicated, Presumed, and Declarant Fathers
  • CS 1316PAdministrative Notice of Agency Action (NAA) –Paternity and Child Support
  • CS 1329PPaternity Rescinded

Children in Care (CIC) Establish Order

  • CS 1352PAdministrative Process
  • CS 1354PReferral to the Attorney General’s Office for Order Establishment
  • CS 1364PAdministrative Stipulation
  • CS 1366PDetermining Arrears for a First-time Child Support Order
  • CS 1371PCase Preparation for Administrative Hearing
  • CS 1373PAdministrative Hearing Order
  • CS 1382PReconsideration
  • CS 1387PJudicial Review of Administrative Order for CIC Cases

Children in Care (CIC) Payment Processing

  • CS 1600PChildren in Care (CIC) Support Exceeds the Grant for Foster Care Cases

Children in Care (CIC) Enforcement of Support Obligation

  • CS 1816PChildren in Care (CIC) Satisfaction of Judgment


  • Appendix A-PAcronyms and Glossary of the Office of Recovery Services/Child Support
    Services (ORS/CSS) Terms
  • Appendix E-PFederal Parent Locator Service (FPLS)
  • Appendix G-PChild Support Guideline Worksheet and Instructions
  • Appendix I-PChild Support Tables
  • Appendix R-PReasonable Necessities and Child Care Allowance Chart
  • Appendix T-PFederal Performance Standards for IV-D Child Support