Only employers and government agencies can pay child support with electronic funds transfers (EFTs). Parents who want to make payments should look at our list of payment options.

We use the automated clearing house (ACH) process for EFTs. All transfers must use one of two NACHA-certified formats:

  • CCD+. Cash concentration or disbursement plus addenda
  • CTX 820. Corporate trade exchange

The EFT Process

For more information or to start the process, contact the ORS Accounting Unit at 801-536-8333 or at

Once we know you are interested, we will email you a document with the format information. 

You should then take the following steps:

  • Review the format document with your Information Technology (IT) staff, payroll company, financial institution or third-party service provider to decide if you can meet the format requirements
  • Provide your company’s information requested in the email. (For example, Federal Employee Identification Number (FEIN), company name, contact details, etc.)
  • Provide a list of employees for whom you are submitting payments, including their Social Security numbers and ORS Case Numbers

When we receive all of the requested information, we will review the employee list to make sure it is accurate. We will then send you our banking information to set up the process.