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Introduction to the Office of Recovery Services/Child Support Services Volume 2 Public On-line Policy Manual.

The Office of Recovery Services/Child Support Services (ORS/CSS) Volume 2 Public On-line Policy Manual includes information and specific references to Federal and State laws, rules, regulations, and directives that govern the Child Support Services program for the State of Utah. The Volume 2 Public On-line Policy Manual is intended for use by customers and the general public who want access to detailed information about the Utah program.

For sections of Volume 2 that are based primarily upon a provision of the U.S. Code (Federal law), the Code of Federal Regulations, the Utah Code (State law), and/or Utah Administrative Rule, verbatim quotes of the pertinent section or subsection of the law, regulation, and/or rule are included to document the legal basis and authority for the actions that are taken by ORS/CSS. The Utah Code and Administrative Rules constitute a written public policy of the state and may also be considered the primary statement of procedures to be followed by both ORS/CSS and the public. You may reference these provisions by accessing the internet web sites for Federal and State laws, rules, and regulations. For the web site address, see the "Bookmarks" section below or go to the "Search" page of the ORS web site.

Volume 2 is frequently updated to reflect changes to laws, rules, and regulations. The "Revised" date located at that top of a Volume 2 section indicates the last revision date.

Volume 2 is written in a conversational style from the familiar "you" or implied "you" perspective of an ORS/CSS worker. Therefore, "you" is presumed to be the ORS/CSS Agent responsible for the case unless otherwise noted.

To access ORS Child Support Policy click here. This will take you to a Table of Contents. Search for the desired selection of policy and click on the section number. Once you are in a section you may click on other referenced sections or return to the Table of Contents to access other sections.


Utah Code Annotated (State Law):

United States Code (Federal Law):

Utah Administrative Rules:

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