ORS can receive, document, and disburse certain child support payments without having to open a normal ORS case. This process is called “non-IV-D processing.” (“IV-D” is a term sometimes used for normal ORS child support cases.)

No fees are charged to either parent on non-IV-D cases.

You can use our non-IV-D processing services if you have a current child support order and are not currently receiving financial assistance or Medicaid.

Limitations of Non-IV-D Processing

Because these are not regular child support cases, we do not provide any services other than receiving, documenting, and disbursing child support payments. This will not work to locate the other parent, review or modify a child support order, or take enforcement actions on a case. You need to open a regular child supply case to get those services.

ORS’s non-IV-D process only works with child support payments made through income withholding.  We do not create or send out income-withholding orders for non-IV-D cases. We also will not issue a notice to stop the income-withholding process.  

For a non-IV-D case, a parent, caretaker, or a private attorney must start the income-withholding process. The income-withholding process begins with the court. A copy of the Order to Withhold Income for Child Support then goes to the employer, ORS, and the noncustodial parent.

Because the income-withholding process is complex, parents may need to hire an attorney to manage that part of the process.

How to Request Non-IV-D Processing

A parent or private attorney that wants to request ORS’s non-IV-D income withholding must take these seven steps:

  1. Contact the Clerk of the Court that issued the support order. Ask them for a form called an Order to Withhold Income for Child Support
  2. Complete the form. Neither ORS nor court personnel can help you complete the form. But free and low-cost legal resources are available to help
  3. Mail or deliver the completed form to the right judge at the court. Ask for the judge’s signature on the form. What you get back from the judge is considered the original order 
  4. Make at least 3 copies of the order: 1 for yourself, 1 for ORS, and 1 for the other parent
  5. Mail the original signed order to the employer or whoever pays the noncustodial parent
  6. Mail one of copy of the signed Order to Withhold Income for Child Support to ORS at:
    ORS Team 59
    P.O. Box 45011
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84145

    Be sure to send ORS the following things at the same time: 

    • LA copy of your divorce decree or your child support order
    • The Social Security numbers for the noncustodial parent, the custodial parent, and the children named in the order
    • The custodial parent’s mailing address and phone number
    • When ORS receives the copy and all of the necessary information, we will open a non-IV-D case. Non-IV-D income-withholding payments will then be applied to that case and sent to the custodial parent

  7. If the custodial parent is the one who makes the request, they must send a copy of the signed Order to Withhold Child Support to the noncustodial parent. They must also include information about how to contest the order

    Requesting Regular Child Support Services after Non-IV-D Services

    If you would like to receive full child support services in the future, you can apply for them while your non-IV-D services continue. 

    Once a regular child support case has been fully created, full child support services will be provided. Normal fees for IV-D child support services will then be charged.