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Non-IV-D Processing

Team 59 Non-IV-D processing is an option for you if you are not currently on public assistance and you have a current support order.

Team 59's function is restricted to receiving, documenting, and distributing Non IV-D income withholding payments. Team 59 does not provide other child support services, such as locate, review and modification of orders, or enforcement action (e.g., tax offset intercept), or delinquency monitoring for these cases.

Team 59 also does not generate income withholding notices to employers or other payors. Non-IV-D income withholding must be initiated by one of the parents, or by a private attorney, submitted to the court of issuance and sent to the employer.

All payments received on Team 59 cases are posted and automatically disbursed through the State Disbursement Unit. No fees are charged to either parent on team 59 cases.

Listed below are the steps one of the parents, or a private attorney, must take to request Non-IV-D income withholding.

  1. Contact the court that issued the support order and obtain an Order/Notice to Withhold Income for Child Support form.
  2. Complete the form. ORS or court personnel will NOT be able to assist in this process.
  3. Mail or deliver the completed form to the appropriate judge at the court and request the judge's signature. If mailed, a self-addressed stamped envelope must accompany the request. Or, a note may be included to indicate that the signed form will be picked up.
  4. Mail the original signed Order/Notice to the employer (or payor of income),
  5. Mail a copy of the signed Order/Notice, a copy of the divorce decree or support order, including the social security numbers of the obligor-parent and children named in the order, and the obligee-parent's (parent who receives payments) mailing address and hone number, to: ORS Team 59, P.O. Box 45011, Salt Lake City, Utah 84145. When Team 59 receives the copy, it will open a Non-IV-D case and Non-IV-D income withholding payments will be applied to that case and sent to the obligee-parent.
  6. If the obligee-parent is the requesting party, mail to the obligor-parent a copy of the signed Order/Notice and information regarding the opportunity to contest the withholding, pursuant to U.C.A. 62A-11-504(4)(c).

If IV-D full services are needed in the future, and the applicant is not on public assistance, s/he may need to apply (or reapply) with ORS/CSS, at which time all normal fees for IV-D child support services will be charged.